Review 2022

by Patrick Wagner

GUYS, it's been a wild and exciting year!

The logistical hurdles, such as availability and longer delivery times, which have existed since the pandemic to this day, have been drastically exacerbated by the crisis and the associated inflation.

Increased costs and the even greater delivery bottlenecks in the procurement of materials have presented us with major challenges.

But there was mostlypositives and a lot has happened. We have put together a little review for you:


Restart on Instagram

In April 2022 we launched a new Instagram account and since then we have been filling it with life every day and keeping you up to date.
Above all, we enjoy communicating with interested parties and those who have already joined our community.
And we are constantly growing! So if you are not already following us, then you should definitely do so and be excited to experience and follow the development on social media and actively participate in it.


Relocation of the Choose.Club in Cologne

There was also a major change in brick-and-mortar retail in April.
The Choose.Club broke up its tents in Friesenwall in Cologne and moved 700 meters or 10 minutes on foot to Handelstraße 41.
A visit to the store, which appears in new splendor, is always worthwhile if you want to view our pictures live or for a short-term purchase! There is also a large selection of products for all fans of cool caps and fashion from small brands!

commissioned work

In 2022 we have again implemented many exciting commissioned works.
Are you also interested in the implementation of a figure specially designed by us, including a frame and motif with a desired caption?
Then simply contact us by email and let us know your wishes. It doesn't matter if it's a celebrity or a family member, friend or work colleague.
We create your unique piece according to your wishes!

Extensions in the web shop

To our visitors and customers an even better shopping experience we also have a few to offer new integrations in the web shop implemented.
So customers now have the option for a product one evaluation to leave. Of course we are always very happy about that and on the other hand you make a big contribution to let visitors and interested parties see at first glance that we give 100% every day with regard to customer satisfaction.
On the other hand, it has always been very important to us that our customers appreciation and gratitude to show. Hence we have this 90°ART Rewards Program brought to life.
Here you will rewarded with points. And not only when you buy, but also with every follow, every rating that you leave behind and also with the Registration for the newsletter.
For every contribution you make to support 90°ART, we want to give something back. You can put the points in discounts redeem and enjoy the benefit of special permanent conditions.
Besides, now you can too gift vouchers purchase online. You can freely choose between amounts of 25-200 euros.
We thank you at this point that you were and are a part of 90°Art and hope that you will continue to accompany us on the journey. Then 2023 will be even more exciting! It come many new products, events etc.
So stay tuned!
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